Designing a Hive Badge Ecosystem – Contributors

In my previous post on designing a Hive badge ecosystem, I focused on the Community Badge model as a possible structure for badges and pathways. In this post, I will describe the formative work of determining the audience and value of these badges. Given that the attributes of our Community Badges will be drawn from the Connected Learning theory... then who gets them and for what?
In February, a dozen representatives from Hive Networks across North America met at the 2014 Summit to Reconnect Learning to discuss a badge ecosystem that would recognize Hive … Continue Reading ››

Designing A Hive Badge Ecosystem – Structure

This is the first in a series of posts describing the process of designing a Hive digital badge ecosystem that began at the 2014 Summit to Reconnect Learning.
Just about a month ago at the 2014 Summit to Reconnect Learning in Redwood City, Sam Dyson, Director of the Hive Chicago Learning Network representing Hive Global, made a pledge to issue badges that recognize Hive member contributions by summer of 2014.